What is cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is extracted from fresh produce by slowly separating the fiber from the cell to retain almost all of its nutritional content.

What are the benefits of cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice contains a high nutrition density, raw plant-based ingredients, and is a great grab-and-go option. Juicing is one of the easiest ways to fulfill your daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies. Each 12oz bottle contains nutrients from up to 5lbs of produce and will help improve digestion, boost immunity, increase energy, and bring out that glow from within! For individuals on the go, with certain dietary restrictions, or anyone just wanting to move to a healthier, balanced diet, cold pressed juice is perfect for you.

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a one, three, five or seven day fresh, raw, all liquid eating regiment that “cleanses” and resets both the mental and physical state of the body. A juice cleanse is not a fast, where the body is restraining from any calories or nutrient intake. Cleansing focuses on the quality of the input and fuel that we are putting into our precious bodies.

What are the benefits of a juice cleanse?

Since juice cleanses usually involve consuming only juice for a certain period, your liver and digestive system will get a chance to take a break and recharge. While cleansing, you will fortify your body with nutrients from raw fruits and vegetables containing live enzymes that make the gut work more efficiently and can help boost your overall health.

Can I eat anything else while I am on a cleanse?

Remember, the goal of a cleanse is to eat raw produce to remove toxins from your body. Although we highly recommend sticking to juice, consuming things like raw nuts, produce, and Live Fresh Meal Replacement Smoothies, will not be counterproductive to the overall objective. As long as it is raw, natural, and has not been processed in any kind of way, we say go for it.