ReFresh Juice Cleanse

Nourish and hydrate yourself back to a healthy and balanced lifestyle by giving your metabolism a reset. The ReFresh Juice Cleanse gives your digestive system a chance to rest and recharge while increasing your endurance and energy.

Each day you will be provided six bottles of cold pressed juices containing up to 30 lbs of fresh cut produce. While you will not consume any solid foods during a cleanse, our juice provides all of the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and micronutrients to keep your body functioning optimally.

These juices will help support everyday bodily functions and may help reduce issues such as, but not limited to, digestion, inflammation, and bloating.

Choose Between the 1, 3, 5, or 7-Day Cleanse

1-Day | $39.99

6 Juices


3-Day | $119.97

18 Juices + 1 Power Smoothie

5-Day | $199.95

30 Juices + 1 Power Smoothie + 1 Bowl


7-Day | $279.95

42 Juices + 2 Power Smoothies + 2 Bowls

Stop in, call, or e-mail us today to schedule your cleanse! Please provide a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to ensure all juices are prepared for pickup.